Import attachment links to Masters


I have already posted a issue for the same in Github here

The problem that we are facing on erp is that we need to link around 300 item masters to a single image file. Now for this I uploaded a file to the sytem and then through the data import tool I tried to link the item master with the image /files/image_file_name

Now the thing is that with data import tool those item masters got linked to the correct image but then they became unsaved (golden color of item code at top). Now if we save the item Ctrl+S or save button then those item masters get unlinked from the image file.

I am sure there should be a way to ensure that the item masters on saving don't really getting unlinked. I know we can do attach file as a link for each item manually but I guess that would be a highly improbable method that we would be using since we have like 9k items to link to some 40 odd images.

Is there a way we could do what we want in a faster method, since the import is not working as per expectations.

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