Import bank transactions for historical data


I am investigating, how ERPNext would help us as the new ERP solution, but cannot sort out, how to import our historical data completely.

1st I started to import the invoices (after master-data like supplier/customer/etc.).

At next I wanted to import the bank transactions, to associate all the invoices with the corresponding bank transactions.

So I created the csv file for the Bank Transaction Import to also provide the payment_entries. columns.

As this is what I understood important to connect the invoice with the raw bank transactions

So the import worked and the bank transactions are connected to the invoice:

But only as “Link”

There is no Payment record connected, which seems to be needed to balance the invoice (or get it into Paid State).

Side note: Also none of the Bank Transactions are listed in the Reconcilation Tool. It might be “good”, as I don’t want to reconcile the data manually (as the full reconcilation is already done within the import data), but just for more depth on information.

Does anybody know, what I am missing? I didn’t find anything in the docs or forum, what would describe this import.

Do I need to import the “Payment” data manually?
But if so: why is there the option of “payment_entries” in the “Bank Transaction” import. What does that do, if it doesnt do, what I expect? :smiley:

I highly appreciate any help

thanks alot!

If you are importing historic invoices, then you can mark them paid already. Not sure if that helps.

Thanks, unfortunately it’s also necessary to have the “real data” imported. So I am looking for the solution to connect those data and get the Paid State “really” as a result of the correct data presence.