Import CoA with numbers

For self hosted install, I want to change the coa by importing the file.
Is there anyway to include the account number in the csv or json file?
Thank you for any help.

Yes, you can mention account_number in the json file of a chart of accounts. For an example, please refer erpnext/id_chart_of_accounts.json at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Thanks @nabinhait

A side question: in some of the accounts, I see is_group: 1 but it is not a head of accounts group.
While in the “real” group head (e.g Assets, Current Assets, etc) I don’t see the is_group mentioned.

Is there any special treatment to this is_group tag?


In this json format, a group is identified based on it’s children. But in some case, if there is no children defined but it’s a group, you need to mention is_group property.

I see…
Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.

Hi!! How can I import a custom json file, on a hosted install?