Import data from local system to ERPNext file with attachment related information

I would like to attach documents to employees in ERPNext using the data import tool. However, I’ve noticed that the tool accepts only publicly accessible file paths. Is there a recommended approach or any alternative method that allows attaching documents directly from the local system without the need for publicly available file paths?

@Priyanka_Dobariya The data import tool is not “attachments”, it’s used to import new data to the system. however if you need to attach a document to an employee , use this button, you can set it as private file .

In ERPNext’s File Manager, files can be uploaded and attached to any document using the Data Import Tool, although it does not directly support attaching local files. Is there any way to add files from a local system to File Manager using the data import tool?

@Priyanka_Dobariya the more you try to explain it , the more I get confused . still don’t know what is the problem

Instead of url, local system path is possible?