Import Data in erpnext ,but the process is always Pending

I used the Data Import to import docs,but the process is always in pending status,is there anything wrong?how can i fix this?

Try to import max 500 entries at one time. Hope this helps!

i tried this method ,but the problem is not fixed ,is there anything to setup?
thanks very much.

Can you check Error Logs?

Hi ,

I’m also having this issue - never had it earlier.I am using version 12 ( erpnext 12.10.0 ,frappe 12.7.2 ) and the number of records are also not very high ( less than 20 territories and less than 100 customers ) . I had multiple failures for both imports - and the territory got finally loaded . Environment is a local instance running in production mode and there are no errors in the log file .

How can I understand what is the underlying issue ? Is there any way of increasing logging so as to find the point of failure ?


This seems very cryptic. Can you recheck the Data Import record? It should have displayed the error log to describe what went wrong.

logs are located in frappe-bench/logs directory.
Check worker.error.log*