Import data | Not able to import data based on owner or user


I am trying to import data in doctype from Administrator login. Data gets import but it’s owner is becoming as Administrator instead of owner which I had added in excel sheet.
I am using frappe version 14.
My user( has custom role & I have not added System Manager role.

Thank you in advance for your time !

Initially, give the system manager privileges when importing data. Then, remove the system manager role from the user after the file import is completed.

Unfortunately this solution is not working for me.
The person who is importing data that person is becoming as owner.

Is there any update on this ?

Right, you can’t change the owner name or set because whenever you create or import any type of data then it’s set the current login session user, and might be it’s not possible to set it on the import time.

If I want to do this then is there any other way ?

maybe not


whatever data is imported will not change the user name as it only takes the name of the current user (logged in) at that moment, as mentioned by NCP.
You need to login from that user or if you upload it from ADmin it will show as
(last modified by Administrator).