Import data tool and developer mode

Why I cannot check Allow import data on my custom doctype?
This is a production setup, I can’t set developer_mode 1.

Hi. Do you change your config.json to accept developer mode?

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Yes. This has to be done via editing the JSON file directly or use a command.

you can add

"developer_mode" : 1

to the site_config.json file. (DONT FORGET THE COMMA !)

You can run command from your frappe-bench or whatever folder your instance is in

bench --site site1.local set-config developer_mode 1

instead of site1.local write whatever your current site’s name is.

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What I mean it’s not good set developer mode to a production server.
I would like to know if has another way to do it, but it seems the only way.

Thanks all :grinning:

Is this question for your development machine or the server running on nginx and supervisor ?

Server running on nginx and supervisor.