Import doesn't work

Hi All,

Newbe, sorry :slight_smile:

After a period of testing ERPNext i’m ready of iplementing it to our business.
I want to import our products (230 products) but when i’m using the importtool is says: "make sure you don’t edit de rules like “start xxxx(?) before this line”. I didn’t change anything, just added new products after the first one.

I created in excel and that saved it into a new csv file. Kan anyone please help me out how to import the products?

Best regards,
Peter van Beek

Hi @Peter_van_Beek,

First Download the Item (Product) Blank Template from the Data Import Tool. Then start adding items or rows after the line Start entering data below this line.

Thanks, Makarand

Please go through this link it will help you to import data.

Data Import tool