Import error in data import

As i am trying to import items in my bench.It’s taking a lot of time to give response. and as i refresh it’s giving such error.

what can be the issue here?

because the cost center is mandatory and maybe you did not add in import field (Excel/CSV).

but in item there is no field cost center…are you talking about this?in item defaults!

Are you import the stock entry or item? because the error comes from the stock entry, not from the item.

i am importing Items…i am also confused from where this error was coming!

Did you import the stock entry first or was it already there?

i am just importing Items for now…as new entries

and when i refreshed the page error is not showing but still data import is not getting started

It’s solved now…it was issue related to account settings and item valuation.
Thank for your response btw!