Import Failed Account

Why i can’t import any new account by excell?

any help?

this is my excel file the line in yellow that i want to import it:


I think you should upload this file (as google drive), I can check for you

hi @vinhnguyent090
I can’t insert any account when i import from excel.

Because your excel file is not correct format. So system can not understand. Your file must be xlsx and can open by notepad. Or you can upload file on google drive. We can check it

HI @vinhnguyent090
this is the link
Can you check it please?

Hi @Elie

I download and import my site. It’s ok.
I think you download again from google drive and try to import. If it’s not OK try to save as format .csv and try again.

Hi @vinhnguyent090
thanks for your help it works!

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