Import invoices status


I am trying to import all my past invoices into ERPNext, I have all the data in excel from a previous software…
My problem is that when i import they come out as “Overdue” Despite having specifically inputted “Paid” in the excel, as well as input the “Paid Amount”

But it still comes out as overdue and unpaid.

I only imported 1 order so far to test out, and that order is about 99% paid, so the “amount paid” and invoice total are not exactly the same. Why does the software simply ignore the inputted information from excel ? I want it to tell me how much is left to be paid on those orders, and simply store those fully paid as paid, for the sake of making stats and so on…

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Marc,
I suppose you also have Payment Entry. Please try to import at first that documents and then try again to import invoices.

i do not have payment entries from my previous software. I suppose i could fabricate some with the informations from the invoices. I will try that right away :slight_smile:

abit of fiddling around and it works wonders ^^ thanks again

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you are welcome:-)