Import Item Sales History

Hello guys,

I’m currently testing out ERPNext (updated to v9.1) to replace our aging DOS based software for Buying and Selling (we are in distribution).

I’ve run into a request from my buying/purchasing team.

Our current Buy/Sell software keeps a tally on Month-To-Date, Year-To-Date and Last-Years Sales.
Our purchasing teams uses this data to forecast and prepare for demands. I would like to know of a way for this data to be imported and keep these guys happy.

We just started a new fiscal year, it would be great to get the ball rolling with ERPNext.

Hi @AnthonyVV! When in comes to migration from one software to the other, it would be best to set beginning balances instead of importing data. If this is really necessary, you ,may create a script for this and auto-create making sure that it creates the necessary entries. Ex. scenario. Sales Order with Delivery, Sales Invoice and Payment. In Delivery, it creates entries in Stock Ledger Entry to update inventory, in Sales Invoice it creates necessary accounting Entries to update AR and in Payment it creates another Entries to update AR and Cash. You have to make sure that all of this are correct in term of the digits from your excel sheet to come up with the correct digits in the report.

Thanks @creamdory, I figured something like your example was needed… As in importing all movements for the last year (or two). This is too much work and a lot could go wrong. I advised my people that this would be the worst case scenario.

Item history is tied to Stock Ledger as shown here:

Now what if, there is a way to only visualize historical data (YTD, Last Year Total, Quarterly etc.) I believe it’s under “Purchase Order Trends”:

I think (I’m still new to the software) this is where our purchasing dept would take a look to do a bit of forecasting.

I know all that matters to me is setting initial stock, but what if? At the moment of a huge ITEM import, just add a few more fields to START a trend? Since this is just a TREND, then maybe we could add these entries (Quarterly, Last Year, etc.) to the ITEM data type and have it shown here? Not sure how much work would be involved but this is just to quell the big wigs. I appreciate any insight you might have.

Thanks again @creamdory! :slight_smile: