Import Items in Quotation

We are an automobile spare parts wholesaler. Our quotations, usually run in the lines of around 2000 to 5000 items per quotation and/or invoice. In the initial stages, it would be impossible for us to import items per line item. Is there an easy way to import the items via a CSV import along with the quantity, etc in the Quotation Item Screen?

Also when we did a trial run on Odoo, we needed the products in each Quotation, or Invoice Screen to match the master database in Products. Here in ERPNext, you use items, is there anyway we can avoid this requirement, to speed up the data import process?

Next, during the Quotation Stage, the client will come back and perhaps remove a variety of line items. How do I keep a separate screen (by for example adding the quantity for those line items as 0), and keep it in a separate section like unquoted lines for example?

And the last question (I promise!!), we need the email attachements to clients to be in Excel format, perhaps with the company header, footer, etc. The reason being is usually clients copy, paste the line items into their own ERP systems for quotation, and this would streamline the process on their end.

Look forward to your responses! Amazing product btw!

First, you could use the import/export tool to import from .csv

The items on the quotation must match the item file. I think you can have a different description and name, but it may get overwritten in import, I don’t know.

No idea about unquoted lines, but it’s not something you can do by default. You may be able to customize.

No way to email a quotation as excel out of the box.

Any tips on how to manage the unquoted lines?

Finally how do we do a bid management, i.e. upload similar quotes and compare, by lines items and total value?