Import Items Issue

Sorry for re-post, I did not find my last post in the list.

After successful importing item by Import tool with Submit after importing checked, I am not able to get these items in purchase order and other transnational forms.

I followed this link but no success.

After importing Items, I got the message:

File Upload Disconnected. Please try again.

nothing display in console.

and in my Item detail form its shows below message, although I put default warehouse and opening stock:

Currently no stock available in any warehouse

Also, I try to create Material Receipt entry in Stock Entry form, but same issue.

Please let me know how I can get these import items in my transnational level.


Hi @kietmak,

can you please check if the items are in the items list? http://localhost/desk#List/Item/List

If it is in this list, but not available in purchase orders, make sure the checkbox “is purchase item” is ticked:


The same applies if you want to sell it, but by default all items are sellable, but not selected for purchase.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much lasalesi, Its solved my problem.