Import of Adress .vcf

Hallo, to get addresses inside, is it possible to import .vcf files, always used in outlook, xing, linkedIn …
Thanks for a info.

Right now, there isn’t any functionality to import addresses from .vcf files.

Thanks for quick reply.
Thats a little pity, because many new contacts i get, are in those business-portals - or sending the .vcf with e-mail - so it would be a very important functionality for saving time to set up the contact by hand … is it planned on a roadmap?

This isn’t in roadmap currently. But you can import the contacts and addresses in one go through the data import tool. The reference is given below

OK, but please check if it could be on the roadmap in future.
It is complete not a classical import … in daily business you meet somebody new, or via xing, or linked-in - or the contact is sending his adress via e-mail, the adress ist avaliable as .vcf. often via mai, because your new business contact sends it - or inside xing and linked-in i can downlad his contact data as .vcf.
i think it is very standard.
Thanks & bye

You should open a github issue for it.