Import of BOM amendments

I am trialling your ERPNext software which looks to have potential but I having problems with the uploading.

I have seen someone ask this earlier but can’t find an answer so I am repeating the question…

I downloaded a BOM file and did some adjustments and got an error. So then I downloaded the same file and uploaded it again WITHOUT altering it and still got this error:

Error for row (#23) BOM/CRYFLR/001 : ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘iteritems’

When I search this file it has no attribute ‘iteritems’ so I am baffled.

@Colin_Edgar - Thanks for trying out ERPNext and reporting the error.

We will check in Monday and update you. Have a good weekend!

Hello Colin,

I tried replicating this issue locally. It seems to be working fine at our end.

Please share following details with us so that we can further check into this issue.

  1. BOM’s Excel file you are trying to import in your ERPNext account.
  2. Login details for our hosted trial account (email via Support Ticket).