Import of chart of accounts SKR03 failed

I tried to import the german SKR03 with the following steps:

  1. I copied the .json from unverified to verified folder
  2. Change from “disabled”: “Yes”, to “disabled”: “No”, in .json
  3. Created new company, where I could choose the SKR03.
  4. Got error message “Root Type is mandatory” (“Root-Typ ist zwingend erforderlich”)
    when I tried to save the new company .
    Does anyone have an advise for me?

@nabinhait can you please check?

SKR03 is not ready, that’s why it is under unverified directory. We are working on the same, it should be ready in version 7.1.

Dear nabinhait,
I’m also interested in SKR03 and believe the work is not finished, with the latest release.
How can I contribute?

I saw the unverified version (de_l10n_de_chart_template.json) has a missing root type for “Ergebnis vor Steuern” and “Steuern Eink.u.Ertr”.
Probably one of the reasons for the above mentioned error message.

Beside this I would like to add the specific account numbers.

I saw the file “”. But those numbers do not correspond to the numbers of SKR03.

You have a version of SKR04 in, but that does not have numbers as well.

Probably you know already from other “German” forum members, but accounting in Germany is in fact all about SKR03/04 and the account numbers.

Let me know, if there is anything I can contribute.

With best regards