Import of Master files or excel templates to import master data

Facility to import master data into ERPNext

ERPNext has an import facility from XLS or CSV.
I recommend creating one Master item in each relevant category, exporting that to get the correct formatting and positioning, and then using the populated export file as a basis for importing your bulk data

Go to Data Import in your ERPNext account. Select the kind of document to be exported/imported.

Before exporting, select the option: Download with Data:


As trentmu said, add one master in each of the Documents you want to upload. Refer the video for more help on the same:

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I am trying out erpnext from the trial version online. I don’t see the option to download with data. is there any other way?

You will not see the Download with Data option as you’ve selected Insert New Records.

If you have old records in the system and you want to import them too, select Update Records in Action