Import Payment Entry not linking to Sale Invoice

I have a new installation and have imported and submitted Sales Invoices and I am now attempting to import Payment Entries that link to the sales invoices. The payment entry imports but there is no reference in the rows to the sales invoice.

Make sure you fill in all fields related to the sales invoice and it will get linked to it.

Hi, which are the related fields, to make sure to link it?

I maintained all the references fields, but the payment entry import doesnt find the invoice nor the bank transaction… and theres no clear doc about it.

Would be great if somebody would be able to help

Posting Date, Account Paid To, Paid Amount, Mode of Payment, Party,Name (Payment References), Paid Amount (Company Currency), Received Amount, Received Amount (Company Currency), Party Type, Total Allocated Amount (Company Currency), Total Amount (Payment References), Outstanding (Payment References), Allocated (Payment References), Account (Payment Deductions or Loss), Cost Center (Payment Deductions or Loss)

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