Import Pricelist from Excel Sheet

Dear All.

It’s very hard for me to insert the pricelist item by item.
Is there a way to import them from an excel sheet??

Thank you in advance.

you can import via CSV file for that,

  1. go to “Setup” module
  2. go to “data”
  3. go to " Import /Export Data
    4.first download blank or with data Template i.e select option “Item Price”, “Price List”
    5.if you select “Item Price”,then you can see on right hand side there is link for “Item Price” under Main on that link.
  4. After CSV get downloaded, fill your records into that CSV and save it.
    7.and Import your CSV (i.e Attach your CSV ) -------- (On same " " Import /Export Data" form )
    8.and click on “Upload and Import” button.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.