Import Purchase Order Error

HI - First post. So far have been having good success setting up erpnext for my Antique business. I have run into a small problem though.

I am trying to import to a Purchase Order from excel, and am having problems with this column on the template: payment_schedule Payment Amount.

When I go to import I get error saying this column must equal Rounding/Grand Total. So I’m wondering what amount needs to go in there. I would have thought it was just the QTY * Rate for each item, but I guess not! I have also tried to enter just the total of the entire purchase order. That doesn’t work either!

Anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this? Thank you.


Hi welcome to ERPNext Mark!

To illustrate and reduce the guesswork please post screenshots with precise details - ideally a listing of the input line where the import fails, the input line headers, and the actual error message.

To reverse engineer is another way to debug if you have not tried that - create and export an example PO to id exactly what value goes where, what is optional and so on?

Also to import and export csv can avoid problems to do with xlsx format.

Have fun Red Deer :slight_smile:

Ok here is my input:

I have entered the total of all of column S in the first line of column AD. This is how it appears when I enter a purchase order and download the Update Lines template.

I have also tried to just import the lines, that doesn’t work as well and only imports the first line of the csv.


Here is the error:

The number of decimal digits in your input may be the issue - check whether Excel may be rounding or not displaying the actual values?

The validation code is fussy about decimal digit precision

A simple case with a single item and dollar amounts might shed light on the issue…