Import Sales Invoices


Trying to import sales from our websites. For all kinds of reasosn there are small discrepancies between how the websites calculate numbers and how erpnext does (rounding at different places mainly)

Now we are not using ERP for financial tracking, jsut stock control really

I was using POS to enter the sales invoices from the websites, but it is slow.

So I thought I could import them and it almost works


If there is any discrepancy between how ERPNet calculates the data, and how the import CSV file as the data then the invoice is left as unpaid

Is there a way of forcing ERPnext to accept the data without checking? I have tried write of balance but that does not work

So really i want the CSV to import without any ERPNExt checking but the invoice has to be marked as paid and stocks have to be adjusted

@Ron_Taylor: you can prepare a custom script that handles import of such sales invoices. It will be able to set status of newly imported invoices as ‘Paid’.

Hi, thanks for the reply

Because we are on ERPnext hosted solution we cannot use scripts. It has to be by CSV

It does work and does get marked as paid if all the numbers match. But quite often they do not. That is the problem, when the numbers do not match.

When you have a product at 2p and give 15% discount then add 20% vat numbers are always going to be a little out depending on how each system does it’s rounding

Is there a way of making the sales invoice import system NOT check the data at all?

It seems to vailidate the numbers during the import process. I need it to accept the data in the CSV file as it is

For example if during the import process, ERPNEXT thinks the item price is too far out of normal it will not import - it gives a “profit & Loss” error. But I don’t think that is actually the issue. I think it is because ERPNEXT thinks the price is too wrong

This happens when we sell small value items on EBAY. For example a washer may be 3p on ERPNext, but on Ebay the lowest value is 99p, so when we import the invoice for 99p ERPNEXT thinks the price should be 3p and will not accept the 99p

I do have ignore pricing rules switched on

Any ideas?