Import sales order gives me "can't set attribute" error

I’m having issues trying to import a sales order. I continually get a “can’t set attribute” error. I even just tried to export Sales Order data and re-import the same file just to see if it will work and I still get this error.

Here is my .csv file


Can you please elaborate on how Sales Order ID is generated for your account? Does that work when creating Sales Order manually?

Is this Sales Order already existing in your ERPNext account? If no, then make name column blank.

Hi @umair,
Sales Order ID is generate by the system. I’m trying to use a custom naming series originally. But I reverted it back to default: i.e. “SO-” and I get the same error.
I have tried a couple of different ways to get it to work: entering a sales order ID and not entering a sales order ID.

But even if I want to update the exisiting SO, I’m getting this error.