Import stuck "In Progress"

Howdy! So I am trying the Import tool, and as you can see here:

All my tasks have been successful except for the first one, who is stuck on the “In Progress” state, even if this task actually changed values to the DocType, and the timeline actually shows the import was a success:

It didn’t caused errors either.

How can I delete the entry or trigger the app to show the correct state for this task?

erpnext 10.1.22
frappe 10.1.23


Is it still In Process after clear cache as well? Any error message in the console?

I tried clearing cache through the Reload button on the site, and through using the clear-cache and clear-website cache arguments on the bench command:

~/frappe-bench$ sudo bench clear-cache
~/frappe-bench$ sudo bench clear-website-cache

But it didn’t helped.

show-pending-jobs doesn’t show anything either.

Any error message in the console?

Can you help me with that? Where I can find the error log on the console?

If you mean the javascript console, I don’t get any any errors, but a warning: