Import the existing JSON charts templates

Hi, I am new to ERPnext but absoluty amazed by it. Great work, thanks for opening this to the OpenSource Community. We have done a lot of work and tests during the last week and deciding to setup a german service for it. Currently we were working on Tryton but ERPnext is much more what we like also for its fine User interface.

Now to my question:

Ho can I use the chart of accounts template files (like SKR03 for german) located at:


Have not found something how to use the JSON files.

Thanks for a short hint.

Country-wise chart of accounts feature is implemented in version 5. If you want to import the chart right now in version 4, you have to figure it out yourself. You can refer, to get an idea.

Hi, thanks for your feedback.

Do you think it would be a good decision until getting to v5 when we would rewrite the SETUP_WIZARD process and load the german SKR03 chart there? It could be hard coded on fork from our site just in case that we will only use SKR03 for the next projects.

Additional question about translation: Is it correct, that for example the Identifiers of “Chart of Accounts” are not translated? So the accounts will be named always in the uploaded / initialized language?

Yes, why not? In that case use SKR03 chart from v5.0 branch and for import process you can refer

Yes, the account is stored in the database in uploaded language.

Thanks for your hint, I will follow up and give feedback