Important: Fix of a bug due to 3rd July 2012 release


Today we fixed an issue which might have affected your transactions.
This was caused due to a bug in the new update which was released to
our customers on 3rd July, 2012.

In a child table of a transaction, if you deleted a row and then added
a new row (without refreshing the form), and saved the transaction,
the deleted row used to come back on refresh. It was not getting
deleted in the database. Hence, it might have affected your
transaction amounts in case you performed similar steps i.e. delete
and then add a new row in an item table. It might have also affected
dependent transactions. For e.g. if you performed the mentioned steps
in a Sales Order, it might have also carried the inconsistent data to
the Delivery Note stage.

We have fixed the code which was causing this issue. However, it is
not possible for us to automatically fix the existing transactions
using a patch. Hence, we request you to check the entries of the past
3 days and confirm if their entries and values are as expected. If you
are using the Stock feature, you should also check the stock ledger
report for inconsistencies.

If you encounter such inconsistent transactions, please raise a ticket
on and we will help you to fix the same.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience it has caused.


P.S. Thank you Mr. Aditya Duggal for reporting this issue.

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