Important - Long running patch in ERPNext v6.21

If you update, there could be a downtime ranging from 5 mins to 30 mins depending on your database size.

Comments and Feed tables have been merged into Communication Table


@anand what if we have added custom field on Comment Doctype.
Is Comment doctype deleted in new update?

@kolate_sambhaji yes. Comment DocType is deprecated.

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Hello @anand

Is there any way to delete tabFeed data like bulk email.
See followin o/p:

MariaDB [dc815d6e44]>  select count(name) from tabFeed;

| count(name) |
|       121587 |

I think, there is no use to keep login/customization record older than one month in tabFeed, it increases database size.

I have deleted all login records from tabFeed, Is there any harm?

AFAIK Bulk Email also gets deleted after 30 days.

After this release, Activity page will reuse comment data. So there’s no point in deleting feed.

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@anand What does it mean that Comment DocType is deprecated? No more commenting?

No. Comments will be stored in communication table. This makes it easy to load 20 comments/communication at a gin when you open a form, making the loading much faster.

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