IMPORTANT POS: paid invoice but not synced; Cache to table

Batch items with ZERO stock are an issue on POS as they are paid but not synced …already reported but now the issue is if the item has one or more in stock (shop warehouse and main warehouse) and the user sells 4 items instead of 1/2 on the shop warehouse…
The invoice gets paid as POS but it will not be synced…
I think POS should have a second table to sync the paid records (not yet as Sales invoice) in which can be fixed later by the admin and generated as sales invoice once done…this will avoid loosing records from the user PC cache.
I have a case that the user sold 30 items from POS (warehouse has only 10) , the record is on the user PC cache and will not be synced until the QTY is matched…but because was the wrong item this qty will never be that high!!!

Are you talking of offline PoS?

For both… If for any reason the paid POS not synced so will not be the others and the risk of cache being cleaned and information lost is high but if this info is sent out synced on another table where validations are not included or done…

What I mean is …are you experiencing this issues because offline PoS is activated?

We do not have this issues with our system and this I think is because we are not using offline PoS.

Can you confirm that offline PoS is active on your site?


But we do need in offline mode as internet might drop and users will not be able to make sells.

The offline mode is quite problematic, I have stopped using it till further notice

My case I can’t because I have the data online and the customer accessing
it … If it drops or the link is slow they will not be able to sell…
But slowly I’m doing some local fixes… Just this one that I think should
be global… Syncing all POS to a second table (once synced and SI
generated can be either deleted or disabled) with no validations processed
but in order to have the records saved and also a way of the admin knowing
what records are giving problems…


How did you get the invoices to sync ?

I had to add on stock the items required to process the POS invoice so that they could be Synced…
With all this i also had to change on POS from selling ZERO Stock items or more than the existing (Stock) or showing on the POS.

If not doing so you will end up with the situation i have already reported Wrong Item stock with batch - #3 by prakash_hodage