[Important] Updates in webnotes framework

Hi everyone,

We are moving the website module of erpnext into the framework. In most cases, the transition will be very smooth.

If you are using a custom web form similar to one created using “Contact Us Settings”, then you would’ve called the function “website.helpers.contact.send_message”. This has been changed to “portal.utils.send_message”. You will need to change this manually.

We will release this tomorrow.

We are also going to be change the framework to use WSGI instead of CGI. Most of the changes are done in another branch and the performance seems to have been improved by 10 times. However, this change may require some modifications in deployment. We will provide instructions on the same once we have more clarity.



If you are posting an issue,

  1. We should be able to replicate it at our end. So please give us as much information as you can. Please see it from the point of view of the person receiving the communication.
  2. Paste your code at http://pastebin.com or http://gist.github.com and send only the URL via email
  3. For sending images, use http://imgur.com or other similar services. Do not send images as attachments. Links are good. Same goes for any file you are going to send.

End of Note

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