Imported Customers - only 1 is Open, the rest are Active

Hi I’ve just imported a load of Customers, Then I imported their old invoices (no payments were imported, so they all are ‘overdue’). All the customers are all similar, nothing out of the ordinary. All of them imported as Active. Except for one! Why would this be?

Related to this is I was hoping to change their statuses, because some clients are old and dormant (but they are happy with me), some old customers are bad (either I fired them, or they fired me). What is the best way for me to manage these states? I guess I like the fact it’s automatic, but I need to control the rules.

If I change someone from Active to Open, it won’t let me change it back. I think they should all be open, since they all owe monies.

My ideal customer statuses:
Open (Aged)
Active (Dormant)

…with the default Customer view being Status!=Lost

PS I’m on version 7, the stable VM + bench update

Difficult to tell this one without looking at the data. Something has to be different.

For the other query, may be you can add custom field and manage the statuses through custom script. Let us know if you need any help with that.

Thank you Kanchan. I added the custom field but now when I load the Customers page and click a customer, it says “Sorry! You are not permitted to view this page.” with a funny drink that has brainfreeze.

I solved it! It was because my new field didn’t have a blank line at the top… so I guess current records without the new field set caused a bug? Shall I report this on github issues?

Blank line means nothing will be selected by default, you can set a default value though in Default field.
So you are saying if do not have that blank option, it breaks? You can raise a github issue with details and screenshots.


I can’t seem to reproduce the problem now. If it reoccurs I’ll github some details.

BTW: awesome product! Thank you for helping

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