Imported inventory Items do not show up in "Item" list

I have used the Administrator account to import a list of Items for inventory.

  • I used the template for “Item” with the mandatory required columns
    (Default UOM, Item Code, Item Group, Maintain Stock, Item name)
  • I selected >Insert new records - and - >Submit after importing
  • All records were successfully imported

Now if any other user logs into the system they cannot see any of the new items that were imported in any module, but the administrator can see them. However, even the administrator cannot see them in the POS module, but administrator can see them in the Item module.

Is there another column that should have been populated to make the items visible to other ERPNext System Users?

The regular system users have been granted ALL roles and ALL role permissions.

Thanks, :sweat:


Maybe I am using the wrong search terms, but I could not find a reference to items not showing up.

Seems permission related issue.

Have you set If Owner for any role via Role Permission Manager?

No I have not set them to “If Owner”

I guess I do not understand the “If Owner” flag. I thought by checking the if owner box I would be allowing the user permissions ONLY if the user were the owner of the data. However, it is far more likely that the users will NEVER own the data. They will only be using it to generate reports, purchase orders, sales orders, POS sales, etc.

Do I have a misunderstanding of the “If Owner” flag? If so, how exactly does it work? And would that make the “Items” visible to the rest of the users?

Thanks, I guess I am confused here.



I did go back as the Administrator and check all of the “If Owner” boxes and also clicked on all of the “Set User Permissions” links and checked every box that would appear in the same role permissions screen.

So, at this point I have every box in role permissions and including the boxes hidden behind the User permissions all checked. Other users can now see the Items that were imported in their “Item” module, but they still cannot see them in the POS module to actually sell them in the retail store.

I know that it is probably a bad idea to check every box, but I would prefer to be able to see the items and access everything, then start unchecking some boxes to see what things become unavailable.

So now, the Items imported are visible in the users “Item” module, which tells me, I have no real understanding of what the “If User” flag really means.

Also, Nothing is yet visible in the POS module, so after checking every box I could find, I still have not made anything available to the POS.

How does “If User” work and when should I check the box?

Also how do I ever get things into POS?

Thank you,