Imported Lead addresses are NOT viewable

When I import a Lead with Address information the address doesn’t appear in the new Lead record. How can I do this?

I have followed the directions posted here: Data Import Tool

All the other fields are viewable after the import.

I have tried:

A) Manually entering a few Leads, then downloading a filtered Template with the Data Import Tool using my manually created entries, then inserted new records into the template and imported. (System said successful import but addresses still aren’t visible.)

B) I tried importing in two steps: the first step creating the Lead, then downloading a filtered Update template, added the addresses, and then uploaded. (System said successful import but addresses still aren’t visible.)

C) I tried a child table method, with name and other info on one line, and the address information immediately below it. (This worked for the top line of name and other info, but the address info on the second line /child table was rejected.)

One more note:
The address information is in the system, it’s just not viewable. If you see the screenshots below, there isn’t an address where I’d expect it to be… however, If I print a copy of the customer record, the address appears. Where does it come from? {This tells me the import is working – but where does it get stored?} There is NO Contact or Customer record for this Lead in the system; the last screenshot shows the available search results.

Any suggestions welcomed. Thank you.