Imported Stock Entry doesn't include column in csv


I am working out the process for importing our opening stock of our batched materials. So far I have imported the Items and the Batch Numbers attached to those items, and I am attempting to import a Stock Entry transaction via the Data Import tool.

For the template I downloaded, I included the Valuation Rate and Batch No columns for the Stock Entry Detail DocType so that I could put all needed information on the import. The csv file has the valuation rates under the proper column heading, but when imported the resulting Stock Entry and child Stock Entry Details do not have the rates attached to the items. In fact, the Valuation Rate attribute isn’t modifiable when I go to edit an Entry Detail.

Should I be using Basic Rate (as per Stock UOM) instead of Valuation Rate, or is there something else that I am missing? I’m using ERPNext version v7.2.14

Just enter value in the Basic Rate field. Same value will be updated in the Valuation Rate field as well.

@cmfce: you should probably use basic rate indeed.

Valuation rate is the average value of an item in your stock in warehouse(s) over time. when/if you use FIFO in stock management / accounting, you may purchase the same items under different basic rates (purchase prices) thus Valuation rate averages it.

You may want to review Different between incoming rate & valuation rate for more context on that.

@umair, @gvyshnya: Thank you both very much! That solved the problem I was having. Everything got imported just fine.


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