Imported stock item unable to add tax with the cost

i have imported lot lot of stock items and has a value. I tried to make template for tax to that gross amount. for that i make template with different taxes and add to items “item tax column”, but its not working

dear ebin,
did you check import log? what is the error?

thank you for your response. actually for my items have purchase rate. we need to show these items selling price like purchase rate added with some tax. how can I possible it ?

create new field which can be called tax_added_sales_rate and write a custom script to add tax value to that filed with stock value.

can you submit your screenshot, how did you make this ??

BTW, You can create your own price list and assign it to any item from stock >> Item Price

am i right what I am understanding?

I mean that each items selling price must shows like purchase rate + some taxes(12%,10% etc). how can we setup this. because by default there is tax/template for sales invoice. But our focus is suppose to do this ERPnext is connecting with website we need to show item total price not same as purchase rate. we will apply some taxes, that tax must add with purchase rate. is there any option available ?

Please go through this thread.

Don’t create purchase and sales in item tax template, make only tax name and rate.

As your request will achieve by Sales taxes and charges template as well as Purchase taxes and charges