Importing account structure with numbers

So I was setting up the Dutch account structure Referentie Grootboekschema (RGS 2.0) up in CSV. After a lot of work, mistakes and fights with CSV I finally managed to correctly set up the account structure (I think). This time, however, it’s ERPNext that’s causing me trouble.

Whenever I import account names with a numerical prefix, the account is imported and then the prefix removed. For example I enter “100 A”, it gets accepted and the number is removed.

Then the next entry is “200 B” with parent account “100 A”. Even though “100 A” is accepted, because the number is removed and it is saved as just “A” (or " A"), “200 B” is not accepted as it has “100 A” as a parent account.

At least if it would remove numbers from accounts before considering to accept them, I wouldn’t have to completely change my file again.

Is there any way of adding numerical prefixes to accounts without having to manually add them one by one?

hi @luitzen , the account as published here is utterly complex.
Would be nice if you can upload yr CoC for NL. There have been several request to add a numerical scheme in the past. Not yet implemented as far as i know.