Importing Bank Statements?

How do I import bank transactions in the latest version of ERP Next? I have about 1000 transactions through 4 accounts that need to be imported.

This really needs official support. We have a whole lot of bank transactions and I don’t want to enter new transactions by hand every few days if we have a csv file that shows everything but the rare check. I tried by hand and errors were everywhere.

I can’t seem to find this option. I have searched the forums and none of the solutions seem to work for me.
I can’t find the check box under permissions in the bank reconcile to import transactions and I don’t see any import under Period Closing Voucher (and that doesn’t look like the correct place anyways).
It is not difficult to create a parser for csv files and importing bank files is something that has been requested quite a few times on this forum.

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For now this feature is not available. GitHub issue has been created.


,importing bank files is something that has been requested quite a few times on this forum…Yepp, but it for whatever reason never attracted much attention…It does not seem to be a priority…Strange a bit, since in NL accounting software that can not read bank statements is considered a no-go…

I am surprised that ERPNext has not looked at this with urgency. ERPNext is one of the best ERP/CRM software which is Open Source. I have used a few other Open Source and cloud accounting such as Waveapps (Which has a very good integration system with the bank) but the only part that ERPNext is lacking is on the accounting side of transactions, particularly on the two things, i.e bank statements/transactions importing and an api to get/load exchange rates in the system. This will make accounting a breeze for this great software.


Hello everyone.

I was looking for a way to import my bank statement (csv) to the erp (payment/journal_entry) so I could reduce typing errors for example.
I am a bit confused because I’ve found these two links:

But when I tried to follow the steps in the second link I couldn’t find “Bank Statement Format” and “Bank Transaction Type”.
Are those features implemented?
How can I import my bank statement (csv) to the erp?


@crossxcell99 Has there been an update on the work you were busy with on bank statements? Is there a way I can have this tested in our testing server?