Importing data from excel

I am new in ERPNEXT , How can i import Excel data into ERPNEXT incase i want to migrate from another system?


welcome @Amos

you’d use the data import tool for this Data Import Tool

you’ll need to figure out the best sequence in order to do this successfully. For this you’ll have to understand the structure of the data inside ERPNext and tweak your original data to match that in some sort. This can be quite a work intense trial and error procedure.

If you are advanced I am sure there are ways to write scripts that push old data directly into the database (in case you have direct acces to that)

One recommendation…even if you craft your import files in excel…save a copy of them in CSV format, and use that to do the actual data imports (the xlsx files gave me a lot of hassles)

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One Caution…

If you elect to use the CSV files as your import source, you will have to scan the data first for stray quote marks, commas, or other random punctuation marks as they will foul up the field separation on import and your data will get corrupted. Some google searches will take you to possible methods of avoiding this pitfall.



@BKM has done MANY such imports, so take his advice