Importing data into ERPNext


I am looking to use the ERPNext software for my little company.

I have been using another ERP/CRM software in the past, but is very redundant and serves little purpose for us at this time and costs us more than we are comfortable with.

So i would like to export from my current software over to this one. However i am running into multiple problems trying to do this, all on ERPNexts side.

For one when i tried importing my custommer lists ERPNext has a few "required’ Fields such as “custommer group” and “region”

While i can easily translate “region” into country… (provided i set it up before hand in ERPNext…) i really have no idea what to do with the “custommer group” and it seems to be a huuuuge task for us to add groups in here and in the old files.

So my question is, can i completely remove this “custommer group” option or make it not mandatory or something. Else i have to simply add a bunch of redundant data and spend a lot of time adapting it which i would really like to avoid.

In other words, is there any way to customize the information required and the sorting options for my custommers (and probably other things such as products, suppliers etc) before importing and making sure the data i have can be used efficiently whithout having to add redundant data ?

Also this is literally the first thing i tried to do in this software … will i run into similarly rigid walls in order to import my data all the way down the line ? Has anyone managed to export-import data from another software into this one without problems, or have tips for me to use to do this efficiently ?

The software i was using in the past is Idylis and it will let me export the information in great detail and in whatever order or format i wish, so i can get the information out in whatever format or order needed.

thanks in advance

You can use default customer group of all, country can be imported into addresses linked to customer. We have uploaded data in the past from other systems without any major problems.

Whats the default group? What do i type into the excel import file ?
as for country i was thinking of sticking it to the “region” tab but i have to pre-create the “regions” correct ?

Check your ERPNext instance for the default values. You can search in the search bar for Customer Group etc. to go to the doc type and find the values

right i think i got it thanks!

If i import part of the data, can i import again later with more data ?

Say i import all my custommers but without phone numbers, can i go back later and ass import all phone numbers and add them to the existing list of custommers ?

Yes.just update the former records



Is there a way in products, to search for product name ?
Right now it seems i can only search for product ID

and is there a way to choose what information is displayed on the products start page ?

For example right now i have “Status, name, ID and product group” displayed, but what if i want like,
Name - Available stock - Base price - profit

Or something along those line ? :slight_smile:

I hope its okay i continue to bombard this post with questions.

Click on Add Filter and instead of ID select another property, in your case Item Name. Then in the other field enter the item name and click on Apply.

awesome thanks :slight_smile:

Another question haha…

I am currently trying to import orders - i have already imported custommers as well as all my products,

But when i try to create a new order to test things out, it seems it cannot find any of the products i have … I can only create new ones it seems. Any ideas ?

For me, the most common problem was when I used a mismatched product name in the order. To check/fix, I created a dummy order in the system (with correct values) and exported it. Then use the template it creates to fill in the other data which you import

right, thats exactly what i am trying to do - Make a dummy order

Problem is when i make that dummy order none of my products that i have already imported show up for me to fill into this dummy order, and i’m not really sure why. They show up in all kinds of different places.

I am thinking it might have something to do with stock, but then again, i have products which i have requested not to be stock managed… and they dont show up either… so not too sure

still struggling with importing orders … i think “price list” might be the issue ? what is this ? where can i find it ? can i ignore it completely? I want my products saved without any price associated to them in the first place. as they have different prices depending on custommer and quantity

Also i was continuing to import other things such as suppliers, and while i’m importing a minimum of information with the intent on completing it later, i still ran into a few questions.

In the “import” menu i dont seem to have things such as phone number, email adress, fax, etc. as options at all. Is there any way to mass import these informations ?

Under “Buying” you will find the “Price List”. It shouldn’t any difference to the import.
When doing imports, I always try to create one item to export first. Then when you import, you can be confident that you have the right items in the right fields.
For suppliers, this method will be ideal. Fill in one supplier, then export them, and reverse the process for the rest - The ERPNext import system is very quick and effective.

Ohhh i think i understand,

You’re saying i dont have to use the blank import file they are supplying me with ? I can export a sheet and use that for importing again ? Hmm interesting, going to look that up :slight_smile:

But i still cant export a sales order, since i still cannot select my products when i make a new purchase order.
The field just comes up blank with “advanced search” and “Create new product” but no actual products to choose.


I think there are some videos on the ERPNext YouTube channel regarding importing data. Likewise there is good documentation that helps with export and reimport.

As one of the posters said above ERPNext works quite well in this regard far easier in my opinion than Odoo

Thank you for your reply

I have tried to go through some of the documentation and had a look at youtube videos but i still cant understand why my products are essentially non existant for use.

They show up in the products list no problem, all 2000 of them. But once i want to select one for purchase or sale it never shows up in the list!

Ive uploaded a pic of me trying to make an order and showing the empty product line, as well as my product page which is full of stuff …

oh can only upload 1 pic.

im having the same issue with making invoices and purchase orders. While my products exist in my database, for some reason they dont seem ready for use. and i dont see why

Noone ? I’m completely stuck because of this :frowning: