Importing documents - can we replicate the state?

ERPNext is a great tool, but like all changes in environment there should be some kind of continuity.

Coming from another ERP system to ERPNext I think some thought needs to be put to understanding how to move data from the old system to erpnext. I know its easy to just start importing master data, but what about history, and what state do we import it in…eg:

  1. I have customer invoices, some paid, some not. When I import do I bring them in as unpaid, then process payments for them in erpnext, what about the bank balance import then? should I remove these invoices from the import of bank account general ledger values, etc?

  2. I have shipments, not invoice and invoices, what state do I import these in?

So it would be nice to be able to import and choose the state that the document is currently in, almost like a snapshot of the current data, with balances etc.

I hope im making sense?

Is this possible? Instead of just a bulk import tool, and more structured and plan approach

I hope we can continue this discussion with your thoughts?



Usually its best to start fresh with only open (unpaid, unshipped) orders in the new system.

What system are your importing from?

@rmetha, I agree that its the best, but in reality its not always the case. I would like to take erpnext to the marketplace but I know we going to face issues like that one im in.

Im currently planning 4 companies to possibly migrate to ERPNext. 1 running SageX3, 2 running pastel, and the one I own is running a custom build system.

the importing is only necessary for history, and searching…so serial numbers, invoices etc, will only be there for record searching…well some might still need to be processed - its why I want to know if its possible to get to this stage.

If we migrate from another system, then it can be planned based on what the system allows. Ideally we would do opening balances for all the GLs and mark these transaction that generated the GLs as posted…then export and import the history…those transaction that don’t have posted flagged will post when submitted.

So it wont matter what system, the export files will need to be worked on to accommodate this.

Hope im clear.


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