Importing old quotations and invoices

Hi folks,

I’m trying out ERPNext to see how it could replace a very old app.
I would like to import all my previously made quotations and invoices.
But I’m encountering great issues: my old app was kind of straight forward and far not as powerful as ERPNext (while enough for my needs).

Important note:

  • I was not using at all the concept of items neither items prices. All my quotations were done manually without items templates, I was only sometimes copying/pasting from a previous one.
  • I was applying discounts per items, on the fly.
  • This means that my actual datas have probably not a single identical item, prices varies, discounts too.

I’ve not found yet a way to import those datas.
ERPNext must have an item name applied for each item of my old quotations.
So I created an “fromPreviousApp” item to workaround it. This way, all my old imported quotation items would be linked to this “fromPreviousApp”.
It did make the trick but: since all my old quotation items have a different price and an ERPNext item must be linked to an “item price”, I’m experiencing absolutely wrong rates/prices/discount values.
Also, I was using % discount on my old app, while in ERPNext quotation, I can only input € discounts.

Do you have any idea on how I could import my “messed” (from ERPNext perspective) data?
An immense thank in advance for any guidance.


You can add both % and discounted prices in ERPNext both at the order/quote level or itemwise:

This depends on how the quotations were imported into ERPNext.

In data import for quotation, you should enter the final value/sale price of the item. If you’ve added discounts here as well the rates may have been recalculated. Also, if you’ve not entered the price while importing, the system will then fetch whatever is the “item price”

A general suggestion for import would be to create a few records manually, export the same, and then import a few records based on the exported data.

Hi @kennethsequeira and thanks for the answer.
For discount, I’m talking about this: discount per row on items table for a quotation:
I can only € apply here, and it’s changing the rate automatically, it makes absolutely no sense (to me).

I cannot find the place on ERPNext referred by the documentation.

BTW, it’s extremely difficult for new comers —or is it just me— to understand the organisation/hierarchy of doctypes in ERPNext. For instance:

  • I click the “Selling” menu in the left sidebar.
  • Then I click “Quotation” under “Selling” column of “Reports & Masters”. ERPNext load the Quotation page, fine.
  • But then, I notice the breadcrumbs navbar says “Retail > Quotation”.
  • If I click “Retail” on the breadcrumbs, I end up in /app/retail and there is absolutely no “Quotation” doctype listed there. It’s super disturbing.
    I found a —lot— of wording differences between the documentation and the actual UI and find the learning curve is absolute madness :frowning:

About creating record manually, yes of course, but since I cannot even create them the way I used to do, it’s a bit of a dead-end for now:

  • In Quotations/Invoices: Discount per items row in %
  • Unique item code but with different prices

How discount works in ERPNext is as follows:

At Row/Item Level

Discounts are generally given against a selling price which will be as per the price list you select. An item/service’s selling price can be different in different price lists but only one price list per transaction is allowed.

Under Discount and Margin section in the table, you will be able to add the discount % or amount. Entering either will allow the system to calculate the other part.

Likewise, if you edit the rate field directly, the system will calculate the discount against the list price of the item:

These fields will also be available in the excel template to download. Hence my suggestion is to first create some entries manually to understand how some of this works.

Yes, this seems wrong. it should be a part of Selling.

Thanks for the explanation.
Now, I get why I cannot follow a thing from the documentation or your gif: I do not have any “Discount and Margin” section visible when I edit an item row!

I tested this on v14.

The fields are dependent on the Price List Rate field. Since it is empty or 0 in your case, it isn’t showing up:

To be fair, I would suggest recording the discount % given in a custom field separately. You can call it a legacy discount or something and make it uneditable once legacy data has been updated in the system.

This way you are not dependent on the standard fields which have certain logic associated with them to work (only in case of historic data and not fresh entries which will be made).

I swear I’m trying my best here…

Speaking about rate, what’s your rate? Could I hire you for a quick look around?
I tried to find people on Upwork website, but so far, none ended up accepting my proposal. I guess, they want big projects, not just helping/training someone.

Shouldn’t matter if an item price record is created.

Is this the Standard Selling Price List? Or whatever price list is being selected for the quotation?

I don’t quite understand what you mean :frowning:

Do you guys realize how much complexity wrong breadcrumbs or different UI for the same breadcrumbs can be for beginners?

Sorry for the multi posts, I’m not allowed to publish multiple images in one reply.

Anyway, conclusion is I still cannot see the Discount and Margin section :frowning:

To answer your question: the price list selected in the quotation is “Standard Selling”.
Actual state is that no default price (ie. 60€) is set when I create a new item row on the quotation.
Also, whatever value I add in the row discount field will be set back to 0 once saved.
The more I’m trying to understand it, the more obscure this get.