Importing Opening balances/invoices for customers and vendors

According to documentation it seems to be suggesting that we enter the invoices manually, and check off the “opening balance” field. But if we want to import them, I assume that we can do the same thing by importing the invoice and putting in a line item for the temporary GL account. Does that work? Alternatively, would it possible to import them as journal entries, and chose reference type as “sales invoice”, put in the party, and rest of info and chose "opening = yes ".
I am not sure which way would work best. Any advice from someone who has done this would be appreciated. Thanks

If you would upload invoices using approach 1, then you might have to change the receivables account set up at the Company level so that it defaults correctly during the upload.

The opening balance approach is much better as source transactions should remain in the source systems during migration and just reference numbers (Invoice No) in your case should ideally be brought into the new system.

I am using the opening balance approach is both cases that I am talking about. My question was whether I should use the IMPORT INVOICES or the IMPORT JOURNAL ENTRIES. Seems to me that it could be done either way, but I didn’t want to have to test both ways.

If you want itemized history you should import Sales Invoices rather than Journal Entries.

Also depends in what listing do you want your old invoices to show up.

@rmehta - I don’t want any line item history. I want them to show up on the AR aged listing (Customer subledger only) I don’t want them to get into the GL. That is what I understand Open=yes is for.