Importing Purchase Invoice, Payment Entry

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V13 ( latest )

When I import data via the import tool such as Purchase Invoice and Payment Entry, does this
automatically update the general ledger and also Stock Ledger , if required ?



If the entries are being submitted by data import, the ledgers will be affected.

If you leave them in draft state, ledgers will be affected at the time of submission of the documents.

Thank you @kennethsequeira for that clarification and for taking the time.

I am approaching this very carefully because the other thing that came to mind while I was doing some
imports on a test system ,is the complexity of e.g.the spreadsheets if one wants to import
Purchase invoices.

I tried docs like items and suppliers and suplpier-groups etc …so I did not try a purchase invoice yet, but judging by what I read, it is almost easier to just post the invoice as apposed to setting up the
spreadsheet for an import ?

The best way would be to just import a purchase invoice !!!

Thanks for your time !

It really depends on how many invoices are there to import.

The general rule for transactions is to create a few manually, and then export the template to see the import structure.

For transactions, it will always be a bit more complex than importing master data (like customers, items, etc).