Importing Sales from other Channels?

Hello. Relatively new to ERP Next but love it.

I sell on Ebay and Amazon also. I’m able to do gigery pokery of Sales Reports from these two channels to put them into an imput format that is acceptable to ERP Next. I’ve ready done a test with one record and managed to import it into the Sales Invoice module. However, I have two questions please.

  • When I go into the Sales Invoice I’ve imported it’s status is Draft.
    Moving one record on from Draft to Submitted is easy, but when I’ve
    got lots to import it would become tedious, is there a quicker way…
    is a batch job
  • Secondly. I’ve not submitted the test record - it’s
    still in draft. However it doesn’t seem to have reserved any stock in
    my ware

house so I’m assuming if I submit it won’t decrement the stock levels either. Any ideas guys. I need to be able to do this.


@Giuseppe_Melillo welcome to the community :smile:

  1. Bulk submit should be easy by API (can you write code?)
  2. You can also check “Submit” record while importing your documents by Data Import Tool
  3. You need to submit for stock to take effect.

God such a dummy. Didn’t see the submit check box. Great. All works :slight_smile: Thanks