Importing Sales Order validation error incorrectly states date is not in any active Fiscal Year

There seems to be an issue with the sales order import where the wrong error is flagged.

When I import this file:
Data Import Template,
Table:,Sales Order,
DocType:,Sales Order,~,Sales Order Item,items,
Column Labels:,ID,Series,Customer,Order Type,Company,Date,Currency,Exchange Rate,Price List,Price List Currency,Price List Exchange Rate,Territory,Customer Group,Fiscal Year,Status,Customer Name,Delivery Date,Memo,PO No,PO Date,ID,Item Code,Item name,Quantity
Column Name:,name,naming_series,customer,order_type,company,transaction_date,currency,conversion_rate,selling_price_list,price_list_currency,plc_conversion_rate,territory,customer_group,fiscal_year,status,customer_name,delivery_date,memo,po_no,po_date,~,name,item_code,item_name,qty
Start entering data below this line,
,SO -.###,Lucuma Designs,Sales,Apumano SAC,07/06/2015,USD,3.18,Standard Selling,USD,3.18,Peru,Commercial,2015,Draft,Lucuma Designs,08/22/2015,ARP_070615 Lucy Arpilleras,07/06/2015,ARP114M,ARP114M,1

I get this error:
Import Failed
Error for row (#7) : Date 07/06/2015 not in any active Fiscal Year. For more details check

This seems like it should be a trivial error, BUT (a) that date is used by other sales orders already in the system,
(b) the current fiscal year is 2015 running from 01/01/2015 to 12/31/2015,
and (c) 2014 and 2015 show up in the list of fiscal years.

I would love to get this working, so any ideas, fixes or work arounds are welcome.


May be your date format is wrong. Try “Export with Data” and check the date format.

Good idea nabinhait, but I checked again and the date format matched. So then I tried copying the data from the file that wouldn’t import into a file that would and it worked. As in, despite the fiscal year error, the data was fine.

It turned out that my file did not have 2 header rows:
Column Name:,name,naming_series,customer,order_type,company,transaction_date,currency,conversion_rate,selling_price_list,price_list_currency,plc_conversion_rate,territory,customer_group,fiscal_year,status,customer_name,delivery_date,memo,po_no,po_date,~,name,item_code,item_name,qty

And this leads to the fiscal date error. So seems a validation for the required header rows would be good.

Please raise an github issue for this

For anyone who may encounter this… the solution is to cleate an a financial tear for the period

To confirm likewise the same reasonable ‘Date not in any active Fiscal Year - Did not load’ message in my case, after I created and saved a Customer, but could not inspect it until I created a Fiscal Year for the current period.

See also Account Receivable Posting Issue