Importing variants with multiple attributes


I have Fragrances company ,and we want to import the item to erpnext , we have a lot of attributes like fragrance name , family, house, gender , I imported them to erpnext and i pt values for all mentioned attributes , the import was successful, but it did not import only one attribute of them and left the other attribute values blank , this is so strange especially because it gave that the import was successful .

then i tried to update the variants attributes values throught the data import tool - update records , when it import values for one attribute it erased the pervious values for different attribute and put the values for the attribute i want , so itried to put update all attributes values for the variants at once and put them in one sheet , it only imported the values for the attributes that stands last in the sheet .

can anyone help me in that ?

another question , can i apply attributes to independent items ( not variants ) , and could this be done through import tool ?