Impossible fields to translate - Item Variants and Item Attributes

I am trying to translate:

  • Item Attribute Name - I cannot. No globe shows above the Field, and Translations don’t work here.
  • Description - doesn’t work then the Description is automatically generated from Item Master to Item Variant. I can add the Translation through the globe above Field but it doesn’t get translated anywhere, most notably in Sales Order print, Item print, etc.

Can you point me is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? I mark the fields as Translatable.
What is interesting, I can translate the Item Attribute Values, but not Item Attribute Name.

Custom Translations work in other places. Most problems are with Item Variants and Item Attributes.

Thanks for any pointers!

“Can you point me is this a bug?”

Hi quite possibly yes - translation bugs are numerous and context specific to what is contained in GUI interface pages and objects.

To identify your particular cases please share screenshots to pinpoint what you refer to - that will help trigger recognition!

edit: For example Can't translate Department, Leave Type, Employment Types etc