Improve Whitelabeling

Since we like to make our customers feel somewhat at home in their system, we like to set their company’s logo as the menu icon, favicon and splash image.

So my idea now is to be able to choose from all the images specified in every app’s in website_context and/or uploading custom images just for the current site. A menu_icon key in website_context would probably be good then, too.

The administrator could choose whether they want to use all images specified by an app or to use individual icons from each. So eg. the splash image of frappe but the favicon and menu icon of erpnext or just upload custom images for each of the three possible positions.

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Makes sense for the website, but for the desk app, what is the use-case?

I am not a big fan of white-labeling. I think users should be made aware they are using ERPNext!

I understand that. But in our case we do make our customers aware what the system is, that they are using. Besides that, the Help menu section points with everything at frappe/erpnext. In the in-build documentation it’s

1. Frappe Framework
2. ERPNext

and in the About section Names and Versions of everything used is displayed.

Being able to add a background picture for customizing the appearance for the individual user is similar. Actually I don’t mean whitelabeling in the complete sense of whitelabeling but more of a further customization for the individual company. By visibly displaying their company’s logo.

We didn’t use the website feature, yet, so I wasn’t aware that this isn’t currently possible for the website either. But you can apply what I wrote in my initial post there, too. Maybe also being able to separately change the website and app images used.