Improved Kanban Board

Hi all,

we’re working on improving the Kanban Board (sponsored in part by one of our customers). In version 14 you will be able to show most of a DocType’s fields on a Kanban Card. @hrwx did the heavy lifting by developing the underlying architecture, I did some fine tuning and @shariquerik was so kind to do regular reviews and point out the rough edges.

Let’s go through this feature step by step:

  1. In an existing Kanban Board, open Kanban Settings:

  2. Click on “Add/remove Fields” to show the field picker:

  3. Select the fields you want to display on the cards. Fields that are marked as “In List View”, as well as the standard fields like Name, Owner, Creation, etc. will be available.

  4. Reorder (drag and drop) or delete the selected fields, save.

  5. The selected field get displayed on the kanban card:

You can find the Pull Request here:

Once the Pull Request gets merged, this feature will be available in the Nightly version and a bit later on Version 14-beta.