[Improvement] Naming Attachements

Currently all related attachments get unclear name from filename (both if someone is using attachment sidebar or Attach Field)

For example
You want to attach the file donwload123.csv. This will actually be the uploaded file name and the url for that file.

Framework should at least offer the ability will an input to write on the fly a name for the new file.

The nice also implementation should be able to define naming schema for the attachment based on the doctype. For example PO-0001, SO-0001.pdf.

Any thoughts?

This is more frappe issue


With attachment field type it would be nice if we could implement an auto rename functionality. This should follow a template set in the field type config.

Sure you can add a user input to change the attachment name if you like. Should be an easy fix. (But then you will also have to update it for multi-file upload)

Can you please share some guidelines ? Maybe some code lines ?

check this: frappe/upload.js at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub

It should be clear where you can edit the filename…