In between the timesheets

Hi guys.

From time to another, we are in a position where one employee are working on two difference tasks at the same time. One example could be waiting on a delayed client, and finishing an email while waiting.
How to do this, without the overlapping rows?

I don’t think you can record this accurately and, in case you need to bill both activities, have to cheat the system.

on the other hand I would think to remove inability of overlapping timesheets would not be too difficult to code.

I guess most people would want not want to allow overlapping in order to avoid errors and ‘double bookings’ which in a majority of use cases are unwanted I’d assume.
The only clean solution I could think of would be implement the option to choose whether your system should allow overlapping timesheets or not in a Setting. I assume that being a bit more difficult to implement then just replacing one strict rule with another though

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This topic reminds me of a joke i heard about a young programmer just 27 yrs old who died and went to heaven. And at the gate he asked St. Peter, “Sir, i am so young, why did i have to die?”. To that St. Peter, replied. “I checked your time sheets. As per this you are 92 yrs old!” :slight_smile:

Do as other IT companies perhaps do. Create fake billable employees who create time sheets. :slight_smile:
That is the other option.

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Actully, that would make perfect sense since the extra hours billed shouldn’t be part of the salary slip either… I think that would be the most sensible option.
Thanks :slight_smile: